Autumn Dynasty Lite Giveaway


Thank you for your support – we've reached more than 10,000 downloads for Autumn Dynasty Lite!

The giveaway period might have ended, but a soon-to-be-released patch will unlock a new skirmish map -- the reward for crossing the 10,000 downloads benchmark in the giveaway campaign.

We hope that you’ll enjoy the new map. In the meantime, you can still get a free copy of Autumn Dynasty Lite here. This version comes with Bluetooth multiplayer too, so you can share it with friends and challenge them to a battle today!

Rewards List

Downloads Bonus Features Description
10,000 New Skirmish map Five digit downloads: time for a new Skirmish map!
20,000 New Blitz map The downloads accelerate: Faster fights on a new Blitz map!
31,337 Brutal difficulty They were just too weak: Here comes a new challenger!
50,000 Unique Wallpapers A change of scenery: new wallpapers appear!
100,000 Additional Skirmish map The most popular full version Skirmish map: now in the Trial!
121,312 Main Theme Ringtone Glorious music from the 13-12-12 Universal Launch!
150,000 Additional Blitz map An empire grows: a new map to conquer!
200,000 Unique Trial maps Two brand new maps for all versions of Autumn Dynasty!
240,513 Online Multiplayer We have arrived! Battle anyone, anywhere in the world!